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Ducati 1199 Panigale

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Ducati 1199 Panigale

Complete new slipper clutch for Panigale, optimalized for electronic engine brake. To compare OEM slipper/gripper clutch offers this clutch better slipping effect for more smooth, faster and safe ride especially on circuit, and due to absence of gripper effect, it response much more acurate to rider´s work with clutch lever. The kit includes complete slipper clutch with all fixing parts, set of clutch springs , one steel plate to replace last steel plate in OEM clutch, and sets of spring retainers for adjusting engine backtorque. All other clutch plates are same as STD. Produced from hard anodized 7075 with steel spring posts.

This slipper clutch consists of these parts:

21803C Slipper clutch Panigale 1199/1299 incl. Spring
21804 Pressure plate
18715 Spider spring
14306 Spring retainers set basic
10947 Nut main
21807 Washer big
21808 Clutch springs set
21809 Clutch plates set friction + steel
21810 Clutch plate friction 1 Pc.
21811 Clutch plates set friction
21812 Clutch plate steel 2.0mm 1pc
21813 Clutch plates set steel
21814 Clutch plate steel 2.3mm 1 pc
21815 Clutch plates set friction + steel for OEM clutch
14316 Spring retainers set -0.5mm
14317 Spring retainers set -1.0mm